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Erica Chi holds a master of museum studies degree from the University of Toronto. She also received a bachelor of arts (honours) in art history and French studies from the University of Guelph. Erica is passionate about the exploration of identities, community, and culture, which fuelled her interest in Storefront Stories.


The project presents an excellent opportunity to expand her knowledge of the local and historic Jewish heritage of Kensington Market, an evolving cultural landscape of unique and diverse businesses. Archival photographs featured in the exhibition invite the viewer into an immersive world of different narratives and themes that surround each storefront image.



Casarina Hocevar recently completed her master of museum studies program at the University of Toronto. Her bachelor of arts was earned at McGill University, where she majored in African studies, with a double minor in Italian studies/history.


Casarina's research interests include food history, diaspora and (im)migrant cultures, and the intersections between private and public heritage. Storefront Stories provides an exciting chance to investigate these topics right in the heart of Toronto. Casarina has especially enjoyed researching the early Jewish culinary scene in Toronto, using everything from oral histories to recipe books and photographs. 



Amy Intrator recently finished a collaborative master’s degree in museum studies and Jewish studies at the University of Toronto. Before venturing into the world of museums, Amy completed her undergraduate degree, also at U of T, in history, English, and Jewish studies. 


Storefront Stories combines Amy’s love of local history, Jewish culture, and working collaboratively with communities. The project connects Kensington’s present-day, dynamic community with the Market’s past life as the epicentre of Toronto’s Jewish community. Working on this project has allowed Amy to find the threads that connect communities separated by time and culture.



Evelyn Feldman has two master’s degrees from the University of Toronto: a master of museum studies degree and a master of information degree with a concentration in library and information science. She also has a bachelor of arts (honours) degree in Greek Roman studies and English from the University of Victoria.


The photographs of Jewish business owners, each standing expressively in front of their stores, immediately drew Evelyn to this project. Each photograph seemed to hold a different story in its composition. Evelyn was excited about this unique project pairing the historical businesses with their modern counterparts, highlighting stories of how the market has changed.

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