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A. Perlmutar Bakery





A. Perlmutar Bakery, one of the first businesses in Kensington Market, was opened by Arrin Perlmutar in 1911. During the store’s sixty-three years on Baldwin Street, the Perlmutar family saw Kensington Market transform from a quiet, residential neighbourhood to the busy marketplace that exists today. The Jewish community played a pivotal role in the commercial development of Kensington, which is why the neighbourhood was commonly known as “the Jewish Market.”

The bakery was run by Arrin and his wife, Annie Chana Sklar. Arrin was born in Ukraine and lived in England for many years. It was in England where he trained as a bread-maker. Over time, Arrin taught each of his five children—Arthur, Bessie, Sam, Dave, and Moishe—the art of bread-making.

The family used recipes brought from eastern Europe to bake their famous products, including their dark rye bread. The recipes required traditional cooking processes, including a wood-burning brick oven that helped maintain the flavour of the bread. The city forced the business to convert to electric in the 1960s.

The Perlmutars worked tirelessly—sometimes eighteen-hour days—to make, deliver, and sell twenty-five varieties of bread. The quality of their baked goods and their commitment to preserving family baking practices earned the bakery a reputation as one of the best in Toronto.

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